It's Signing Day!

Most of the last minute recruiting was done over the past couple of days. Iowa had 5 players commit over Monday and Tuesday. So, the list of commits should be about 95% in place. There are only one or two players that may pick Iowa today. If neither do we may see the Iowa coaches extend an offer to a local kid or another under the radar guy.

For up to the minute results on who has actually signed a letter of intent follow the blog. They are updating often with information and videos on each of the commits.

I'll update at the end of the day once everyone has signed. For now, here's the list of all the recruits expected to sign today (or that already have signed).

WR Marcus Grant Scout: Size: 6-2, 190
Groton, MA Rivals: Stats: 26 catches, 557 yards, 8 TDs
OL Austin Blythe Scout: Size: 6-3, 275
Williamsburg, IA Rivals: Stats: ('09) 40 tackles, 19 TFLs, 9 sacks
TE Henry Krieger-Coble Scout: Size: 6-4, 220
Mt. Pleasant, IA Rivals: Stats: 35 catches, 612 yards, 8 TDs
WR Austin Vincent* Scout: Size: 6-1, 165
DeSoto, TX Rivals: Stats: 16 catches, 327 yards, 6 TDs
TE Ray Hamilton Scout: Size: 6-5, 230
Strongsville, OH Rivals: Stats: 55 catches, 902 yards, 11 TDs
DE John Raymon Scout: Size: 6-5, 235
Newtown, PA Rivals: Stats: ('09) 72 tackles
QB Jacob Rudock Scout: Size: 6-2, 185
Fort Lauderdale, FL Rivals: Stats: 160/231, 2784 yards, 36 TDs, 3 INTs
TE Jake Duzey Scout: Size: 6-4, 215
Troy, MI Rivals: Stats: 38 receptions, 629 yards, 4 TDs
Riley McMinn DE Riley McMinn Scout: Size: 6-7, 220
Rochester, IL Rivals: Stats: ('09) 67 tackles, 18 TFLs, 11 sacks
LB Cole Fisher Scout: Size: 6-3, 200
Omaha, NE Rivals: Stats: 136 tackles, 3 INTs
DB Torrey Campbell Scout: Size: 5-11,175
Napels, FL Rivals: Stats: 36 rushes, 253 yards, 4 TDs
OG Jordan Walsh Scout: Size: 6-3, 275
Glen Ellyn, IL Rivals: Stats: --
LB Melvin Spears Scout: Size: 6-2, 220
Allen, TX Rivals: Stats: 105 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 INTs
DB Nicholas Law Scout: Size: 6-3, 190
Forestville, MD Rivals: Stats: 106 Tackles, 6 Sacks, 1 INT
OL Dan Heiar Scout: Size: 6-5, 285
Council Bluffs, IA Rivals: Stats: --
WR Jacob Hillyer Scout: Size: 6-4, 190
Somerset, TX Rivals: Stats: 87 catches, 1648 yards, 18 TDs
RB Rodney Coe Scout: Size: 6-3, 240
Edwardsville, IL Rivals: Stats: 102 carries, 554 yards, 6 TDs
RB Mika'il McCall Scout: Size: 5-11, 190
Dolton, IL Rivals: Stats: 153 carries, 1,283 yards, 16 TDs
LB Quinton Alston Scout: Size: 6-1, 215
Erial, NJ Rivals: Stats: ('09) 80 tackles, 12 TFLs, 4 sacks
DB Jordan Lomax Scout: Size: 5-11, 190
Hyattsville, MD Rivals: Stats:--
LB Johnny Lowdermilk Scout: NR Size: 6-2, 200
Kensington, OH Rivals: Stats: ('09) 100 tackles, 3 INTs
RB Damon Bullock Scout: NR Size: 6-0, 195
Mansfield, TX Rivals: Stats:--
RB Jordan Canzeri Scout: NR Size: 5-9, 177
Troy NY Rivals: Stats: 222 carries, 2048 yards, 36 TDs
LB Marcus Collins Scout: NR Size: 6-0, 215
Drexel Hill, PA Rivals: Stats:90 tackles, 15 sacks

*He's on-board but needs to get his test scores up before he can officially commit.
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