Mikail McCall commits to Iowa

McCall was said to have committed to Iowa about a month ago. There was then a not-so-fast-my-friend type of statement and a then a very soft commitment to Iowa. Well, that is over now as McCall has decided to stop taking college visit and is now firmly a Hawkeye ($). McCall is a 3-star running back from Illinois. It makes perfect sense with Iowa's recent situation at running back for McCall to commit. My guess is that he'll red-shirt with Marcus Coker, De'Andre Johnson, and incoming Rodney Coe in front of him, but with Iowa's recent history at halfback, he might be the starter by week 6.

Hawkeyes on Twitter

Kirk Ferentz must not enforce the no Twitter rule during the off season as a few players (and former players) have started using the site. Mostly they have been using Twitter the same way other people do and have just been tweeting about random stuff going on in their day. Adrian Clayborn has mostly be talking about his dog Ace. There have been a couple of more interesting tweets though. The first is from DJK apologizing to the Hawkeye fan-base.

Knowledge is pain and thats y it hurts to know I let down hawknation ; ( I strive to redeem myself in the hearts of hawksPlease forgive me.a while ago via web

It is what it is... I don't know the guy (and I definitely don't know why he has Dolce&Gabbana as his Twitter background) so I'm trying not to be too judgmental with the whole situation. I just hope he apologized to his teammates, coaches, and family before his fans.

The other interesting tweet came from Shaun Prater.

Outweighing the pros and cons of the most important decision of my life...Thanking God for the opportunity he has blessed me with.a while ago via web

Prater gave his name to the NFL draft advisory committee before the Insight Bowl so is thinking about making the jump up to the pros after his junior year. I selfishly want him to stay, but really do think he could benefit from another year in college not taking into consideration any NFL lockout stuff. Unlike Amari Spievey who successfully left Iowa early as a cornerback, Prater has not been the lock-down corner who takes away a full half of the field. He has been a good tackler though and for the most part kept everything in front of him limiting big plays. Next year, the front 7 on defense will have a lot less experience, so Prater's role could be larger and give him an opportunity to strengthen his resume for the pros.