Iowa picked up its second offensive linemen commit yesterday and 13th overall for the 2011 recruiting class. Jordan Walsh is probably the most heralded recruit in this class thus far with 4-star rankings from both Scout and Rivals. Additionally, Scout ranks Walsh as the #2 offensive guard prospect in the country.

Walsh in High School

Walsh attends Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, IL. The Hilltoppers were spectacular last year winning their first 13 games before falling in double overtime in the Class 7A Championship Game. Walsh did his part along the way not allowing a single sack as an offensive tackle.


This video from his sophomore makes it pretty hard to follow Walsh. It's even harder in his junior video which you can see on ESPN (he's #75 in that video). He looks absolutely dominating at the high school level. He either pushes guys out of the way, or just shoves them to the ground. According to his Scout profile he had 34 pancakes his sophomore year, which is just crazy. He also looks very athletic and gets to the second level quickly.

The thing I really like about him though, are based on some of the things he has said. In an interview with MGoBlog he said:
Some coaches say that I finish my blocks, and I'm nasty on the field. To be honest, I just love the game of football. I'll do anything a coach ask me to do. I block, so I obviously can't ask for the ball, or anything. The offensive line is a cool position. You don't really get the glory, or praise, but you get to hit a lot of people.
In another interview, this one with The Detroit News, Walsh talked about why he likes Iowa.
Iowa is more about straight-up work ethic. It doesn't matter what they're ranked or what you're ranked, they build you into a better player and it becomes a better team. I feel like I'm hard-working and it's something I definitely could see myself being a part of. Iowa is a great place. Everything is top-notch there.

Both of those quotes scream Iowa football too me. It's not sexy (as Coach Ferentz would say). It's all about hard work and hard hitting.