Jacob Rudock
Playoffs, Regional Finals W Boyd Anderson 6 - St. Thomas Aquinas 46 | (13-0)
Aquinas was stifling on defense and held Boyd Anderson to -26 yards rushing on 28 attempts and just 86 yards of total offense. The only time Boyd Anderson was able to move the ball was late in teh fourth quarter when the game was out of reach and they connected on a 58 yard TD pass. On the other side of the ball, Rudock and the offense (who had amazing field position all day) scored 7 TDs and added a FG. Rudock didn't have his best day going 10/17 for 116 with 1 TD and 1 INT, but did more than enough to get the win.

Next Game: vs. Bradenton Manatee - 12/10 (Playoffs, State Semifinals)

Austin Vincent
Playoffs, Quarterfinals: L Stony Point 72 - DeSoto 48 | (11-3)
Apparently they don't play much defense in Texas because it's not often that you can score 48 poinst and still lose by 24. The big difference is the game was the second quarter as DeSoto was outscored 0-21. It was a similar outcome when the teams met earlier this year, but this time it eliminates DeSoto from the playoffs.

Season Over

Did not play - Season Over:
  • Jake Duzey
  • Ray Hamilton
  • Henry Krieger-Coble
  • Austin Blythe
  • John Raymon
  • Nicholas Law
  • Jordan Walsh
  • Cole Fisher
  • Mike Orloff
  • Marcus Grant
  • Melvin Spears
  • Torrey Campbell
  • Riley McMinn
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