McNutt had a strong day on Saturday. He didn't have a lot of catches during the scrimmage portion, but looked good overall. His hands are just incredible.

This was the play of the day. During the blitz pickup practice Stanzi stayed poised in the pocket and found DJK one-on-one with Prater with a perfectly placed ball 30 yards down the sideline. The coverage was pretty good by Prater, but the pass and catch were better.

Sandeman took over Chaney's spot as the go to guy for reverses. He looked very quick on the play getting to the edge and picked up 22 yards.

Wienke played for the "second team" during the scrimmage. He didn't play great and was obviously behind Vandenberg, though he was throwing to some inexperienced receivers and tight ends.

Sandeman was the number 1 punt returner. He handled all the punt returns during the scrimmage. He didn't have any trouble fielding them, though he fair caught every one (that's probably by design though, no reason to be hit by a gunner in practice).

Ugh...another running back down. Rogers was playing pretty well but had to be taken out when he sprained his ankle. It looked minor and I've read it's just an ankle sprain. Still, nobody wants to see injuries during a scrimmage.

Vandenberg and Davis had nice chemistry. They connected on a couple of shorter routes during the scrimmage. With the less experienced offensive line, I think we'll be seeing a lot of shorter passes to supplement the run game.

Murray's field goal here was the only score during the scrimmage. He struggled the rest of the day, but made this 42-yarder.

You can't really tell, but this is fullback Jacob Reisen playing running back after the injury to Rogers. He actually had a very nice day carrying the ball 5 times for 35 yards. Maybe he's a good candidate to replace Morse next year.

Well, we're finishing off on a bad note (sorry, the pictures were just in chronological order and this was the last good one)...another fumbled snap. There were at least 6 fumbled snaps and one was returned for a TD.

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