Sandeman looked pretty good all day. He was clearly number 1 as the punt returner and was often the 3rd receiver to come in behind McNutt and DJK. This is a nice catch from an early drill.

Here is a play from the 7-on-7 portion of scrimmage. I'd say defense "won" this portion. They did give up some passes on shorter routes, but had really good coverage down the field.

During the 7-on-7, because of the good coverage mentioned above, the QBs were forced to check down to shallower routes by the TEs and backs. Here's an example of Derby throwing to Leppert.
The offensive line did okay against the defensive line in drills, but the D-line is clearly better. In this picture Clayborn is about to blow right by Reiff.

Yep, right by him.

Mossbrucker had a much better day than Murray, though neither was great. He did make this one and was 5/6 by my count.

Murray was not good at all. He wasn't line-driving it like we saw last season, but was pulling everything to the left. He was just 2/6.

This is the start of the situational scrimmage. Besides the blitz pickup portion, I couldn't really tell what the situation was. I thought Stanzi played really well during this part of scrimmage.

Ballard got by Zusevics for a sack. Klug also had a sack during the situation scrimmage. Other than that, though, the offensive line did a good job.

Brad Rogers was playing okay before he was injured. He made a couple of nice runs and I distinctly remember a great cutback he had. I previously thought he would move to fullback, but I think he could be serviceable at running back if the need arises. He'll stay behind Hampton, Wegher, and Robinson though.

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