I employed my brother, Evan, to take pictures for me at the practice while I took notes and stats in my little notepad. He's got a nice camera and was able to zoom in a take some nice pictures (thanks bro!). I have over 100 pictures but was able to pare it down to 30 of the best ones and I split it into 3 separate posts in the interest of post length.

Jewel Hampton, who is recovering from an ACL tear, was in a red "no contact" jersey. He participated in the stretches, drills, and the 7-on-7, but not in the scrimmage.

This is an un-zoomed in view from our seats in Kinnick. We were sitting around the south 15 yard line about 2/3 the way up.

Fran McCaffery and his wife were in attendance and received a nice ovation when they were introduced.

Ken O'Keefe was working with the centers and QBs (out of picture). This drill was actually kind of cool. All 4 quarterbacks would take the snap in unison and then go through a specific motion: 3 step drop, bootleg left, etc...

Here are those in the mix at punt returner. Davis was fielding a punt here, but Sandeman, McNutt, DJK, Cotton, and Joe Audlehelm (yeah, I haven't heard of him either) were all back there. Sandeman was the main guy though.

Here's a pic of Stanzi. Not much else to say here.

Coach Ferentz came out during the team stretching to a loud ovation. It was interesting watch Ferentz at practice. At times he was very involved and other times he kept his distance looking more at the overall picture, especially during the scrimmage. Of course he had his little notepad and would write things down every now and again.

Here was a little drill the QBs and receiqvers did for quite a while. It was very well orchestrated. There were 2 QBs on each side and they would alternate throwing the ball. After the receiver caught the ball he'd toss it to a QB and get in the line to go the other direction. I'm probably not explaining it well, but it was cool.

Another picture from the QB to receiver drill, but this catch by McNutt was ridiculous. He just stuck out his one hand and snatched the ball out of the air without pulling it in to his body.

Bernstine and Prater were doing an interception type drill. The defensive backs worked a lot on back peddling.