A few weeks ago when I posted the Hawkeye License Plate Generator I ran into a number of issues. For starters trying to deploy it in Blogger was a huge pain. I couldn't easily test its functionality until I actually posted it and rolled it out to the masses. Testing in production is not a great way to go. Also, posting apps like this in a blog post slow down the page, are not available to everyone (more people use Internet Explorer to view this site than any other browser and a lot of things don't work in IE), and just seem a little strange when a blog is generally meant for reading. Using Blogger also doesn't allow me to add in any server-side functionality, which is limiting.

So, I decided to create a new place for me to play around and house the little apps I like to make. Without further ado, I present to you Apps For Iowa. The url is pretty easy to figure out, just replace the "www" with "apps" and you've got it. Right now I just have 2 pretty trivial apps: pick your starters - offense, and a countdown to kickoff.

I don't know how far this project will go, but it's definitely a work in progress. I'll still post on the blog whenever I create a new app. Anyway, it's out there and now you know about it. If you have any ideas of an app you'd like to see, let me know.