Though he didn't know it at the time, Ed from issued a challenge to me when he tweeted that he'd like . Michigan blog Maize N Brew has been making plates using this app, but the app doesn't have the University of Iowa plate. So, here we go...

I threw something together to make custom UofI plates. The font isn't great. I had trouble finding on that matched well so I just picked one of the Google Web Fonts that looked okay. You should be able to save the picture after you add some text. You can then post it to the comments or wherever you'd like

NOTE: In Chrome it will save the image without the proper file extension. So you'll need to rename the image after you download it to "YOURIMAGENAME.png". I think in Firefox it'll prompt you to name the image before you download it.

ANOTHER NOTE: This app will not work on Internet Explorer as it uses a canvas element. Try a better browser Chrome, Firefox, or upgrade to IE9. (If you're stuck with IE8 at work...sorry. Check it out at home.)

Plate Text: