Macon Plewa and Kyle Anderson to walk on

Despite the nasty weather last weekend, Saturday turned out to be a good day for Iowa in terms of recruiting. After visiting Iowa City during spring practice, two players have decided to walk on this fall. is the only one who has been finding these walk-ons lately and again has the scoop on linebacker Macon Plewa and quarterback Kyle Anderson.

Plewa is familiar with another incoming Hawkeye, Melvin Gordon. The two squared off this past season in Wisconsin. Plewa had the game-sealing interception while covering Gordon. He also racked up some pretty decent stats this past year with 131 tackles, 22 TFLs, and 5 INTs. Here's his highlight video.

Anderson was the quarterback for Ames High School last year. He is more of a dual-threat spread quarterback than pro-style and his film shows a lot of run plays. I don't think he will be challenging Vandenberg for the starting spot, but looks like a good athlete that could potentially help out at another position. Or, as a dual-threat guy he could be a good player to have running the scout team to emulate all the running quarterbacks that the Hawkeyes will have to face this year in the B1G.

Maybe we will see Robinson again

Since Adam Robinson publicly expressed interest in rejoining the team back in January Kirk Ferentz has answered any A-Rob questioned equivocally. For the first time on Tuesday at the Polk County I-Club event, Ferentz address the situation a little more candidly (and by a little, I mean a very little).

My No. 1 focus for him is to do well academically this semester and then we'll see where it takes him. Clearly, he'd have to have some idea on what he wants to do, I would think in the next couple weeks.

That at least sounds like the door is ajar, even if only very slightly. I think he deserves a second chance here. Getting hit with marijuana possession is bad and probably worth a 2-game suspension, but not a boot off the team. If it hadn't happened immediately following DJK's arrest, then I don't think it would have been a dismissal. So, if Robinson has turned it around academically and stayed out of trouble, then I say let him back on the team and just make him sit the first 2 or 3 games.

Quick Hits

  • Also at the Polk County I-Club event held earlier this week, Kirk Ferentz awarded the inaugural Assistant Coach of the Year Award to Chris Doyle. I think it's pretty clear that this award was given out to show Ferentz's faith in Doyle, even after the whole Rhabdo13 thing, and it's a little shot at all the people out there calling for Doyle's head.
  • FRY Fest is back for a third year and will be held on September 2 (the day before the Tennessee Tech game).
  • There is an annual Coaches vs. Seniors softball game. This year the coaches took home the victory with Ferentz pitching. Check out the highlights from the game.