Adam Robinson met with the media over the weekend. He wanted to publicly apologize and announce that he wants to earn his way back on to the team. I admire the way he is going about this. He's not whining about it or just transferring to another school that may not have the same academic or character standards. Instead he's taking responsibility for his action and is going to stick it out at Iowa and try to right the ship.

Right now it's all talk, but he is at least saying the right things. He wants to stay at Iowa because he's "always wanted to be a Hawkeye." And, he wants to get his act together starting with his academics and wants to "really attack [his] studies and get on top of it and totally turn this thing around."

I believe in second chances, but before I went through and looked at what Robinson had said didn't think he deserved one. He already had a few strikes against him and missed the first quarter against Ohio State and the entire Insight Bowl. So I agreed that the marijuana possession charges should be the final straw (especially considering the timing...the night before the bowl game and right after the DJK fallout). However, if Robinson lives up to all his talk, then I think he does deserve a second chance.

To be considered for reinstatement I would:
  • track his attendance and make sure he doesn't miss any classes
  • set a minimum GPA requirement
  • require completion of a drug counseling program (which Robinson is planning on doing this semester)
  • make sure he stays out of trouble (maybe some random drug test)
He should still sit out all of spring practice and serve at least a 2-game suspension at the beginning of next year. And, should be on his last chance. Any slip-up and he's off the team.

It will be really interesting to see what Kirk Ferentz decides to do next fall if Robinson does get his act together. Either way it sounds like Robinson is going down the right path and is committed to making better choices. So, apology accepted. I hope he finds his way back on the field.

Full video of interview from Hawk Central: