Rhabdo investigation findings to be announced today

President Sally Mason will be presenting the findings of the investigation into the cause of the 13 rhabdomyolysis cases today at the Iowa Board of Regents meeting. The meeting starts at 8:30 and continues until 5:00. The findings are the last item on the BOR meeting's docket and is noted that it "will be given before the closed" of the meeting. So my guess would be that we won't hear about the finding until around the end of the work day (which I think is good news, because the KF presser will then be less likely to be overrun by rhabdo questions). If you are really dying to follow along with the BOR meeting, their site offers a link to stream the audio. The agenda does note that there will be a closed session in the afternoon, but I don't think the findings will be part of it. So you should be able to listen in as Mason presents.

It is convenient timing for Iowa to have the findings come out the same day as the start of spring practice and the Ferentz presser. I don't believe that this was done purposefully. The BOR meeting has been schedule for a long time, and this investigation was ordered by the Regents. So it makes a lot of sense that Mason is presenting the findings today. It is convenient though, because I would assume most of the Iowa sports media will be in Iowa City today covering Ferentz, not in Ames covering the BOR meeting. So whatever the findings may be, the story could get slightly covered up by the enthusiasm for the start of spring ball.

I would be very surprised if the investigation turned up wrong-doing by any Iowa Football staff member. My guess is that they will find that this was a fluke incident and nobody will be to blame.

HawkCentral has more information regarding the rhabdo report that will be presented by Sally Mason. Basically, the investigation absolved any blame from the players and coaches. The 100-squat workout, as expected, was a root cause of the rhabdomyolysis. And, as a recommendation the football program should not do the workout again and should develop betters means for detecting injury/illness after strenuous workouts.

Spring practice starts today

To kick off Iowa's spring practice, Kirk Ferentz will be holding a press conference today at 12:30. The team actually begins practice later in the afternoon. Though the rhabdo findings are likely going to be announced after the presser, Ferentz will still probably take a few questions on the subject. I am interesting in the ongoing health of the Rhabdo13. At the Polk County I-Club event about a month ago Coach Eric Johnson said, "They'll all be ready to go for spring ball." I still want confirmation on that. They may be healthy enough to practice, but not 100%. I also think there is a big mental factor that the players will need to overcome. I would have a hard time going out there and working my hardest when I know the last time I gave it my all I ended up in the hospital.

There are plenty of other stories to follow this spring: position battles, a new quarterback, possible position changes, etc... But it's hard to ignore the rhabdo thing. Hopefully today will bring a resolve to the situation and we can all move on to talking actual football.