Black & Gold Spirit Day
Odd Section: Wear Black
Even Section: Wear Gold
Students: Wear Black
The university has done a pretty good job marketing Saturday's homecoming game against Penn State as the Black and Gold Spirit Day. I know I've received at least one email on the subject and seen countless tweets. But in case you need another reminder, let me tell you that Saturday has a special color scheme: Black and Gold stripes. The basic plan is if your seats are in an odd numbered section, then wear black. If your seats are in an even numbered section, then wear gold. Students are to wear black. In case you need additional help, I put together a "what to wear" tool to assist you. There is also a chart that was released by Iowa that is helpful. My wife and I are sitting in an even section, so gold for us.

Scheels...I'm on to you
So, tonight after work I headed over to Scheels in Jordan Creek Mall with my wife and son to look for a new gold Iowa shirt for my wife (if only we were in an odd section we would have already been set with our black shirts). As a smart move by Scheels they had a big sign next to all the Hawkeye apparel that advertised the upcoming Black and Gold Spirit Day.

It was a nice looking sign and I was glad to see that the stripe pattern was being advertised. Then I took a closer look.

Look familiar? Well, it did to me. It's the mockup I made of the black and gold stripes a while back.

So Scheels stole my mockup! Come on now Scheels, at least give me a little credit, a shout-out or something. I can't be producing these MS Paint masterpieces without getting my rightful dues. Seriously though, I thought it was pretty cool to see that something I created actually made it out into the real world.