We are all accustomed to the Be Bold, Wear Gold and Blackout games. Iowa has been doing these for several years now and it has actually been quite successful. The stadium has never looked better than in 2006 when Iowa had a sea of gold fill the stadium Ohio State. Even a few of the Blackouts have looked pretty good (Homecoming last year against Michigan, 2008 upset of #3 Penn State).

There are 3 games that require specific colored clothing this year.
  • 09/04/2010 - Eastern Illinois: Be Bold, Wear Gold
  • 10/30/2010 - Michigan State: Blackout
  • 10/02/2010 - Penn State: Black & Gold Spirit Day (What!?)

According to @LearHawks, the Black & Gold Spirit Day consist of a color scheme in which the student section and all even sections wear black and the odd sections wear gold. I'm not sure if this is one of those so crazy it might just work ideas, or just a crazy idea. I have a hard time believing that fans will be able to figure out what color they should wear, that is if they even get the memo about the spirit day and care enough to abide by its rules. I think it would be awesome if it worked, but unless they are handing out appropriately colored t-shirts in each section, I think this will be quite the let down. If it does work though, here's what it might look like (except, ya know, with the new FieldTurf):

Kinnick Black and Gold Stripes
A MS Paint rendering of what Black & Gold Spirit Day might, but probably won't, look like.