Broderick Binns became the fourth Iowa football player to have some trouble with the law this summer as he was picked up for drunk driving early this morning. Binns was pulled over for going straight while in a turn lane he then tried to deny that he was drinking, finally admitted it, then blew a .101...well above the legal limit of .08. To top that off, he is still 2 weeks away from being 21. Scott Doctherman has the full police report. All in all, it was a very dumb move by Binns.

Ferentz released the typical "very disappointed" and it'll be "handled internally" statement. He did mention that Binns will attend counseling and an educational program, do some community service, and face a suspension. Based on similar incidents last year I would guess a 2-game suspension. Kyle Calloway missed just 1 game after getting an OWI on his moped, but he was over 21 at the time. Shaun Prater served a 2-game suspension for his OWI and he was under 21.

Binns absence will almost certainly be felt. He started all 13 games last year and the other defensive ends on Iowa's roster (besides Clayborn of course) do not have a lot of experience. Lebron Daniel and Dominic Alvis are the most likely choices to replace Binns. Another option though, is for the coaches to shift Christian Ballard to defensive end, a position he played in 2008, and have another tackle play. The most likely defensive tackle to come in would be Mike Daniels. Personally, I think Ferentz keeps things simple and has Lebron Daniel start against Eastern Illinois and maybe Iowa State (depending on the length of the suspension).

Binns Sacks Stanzi
Binns sacks Ricky Stanzi during the Spring Game

What's really disappointing though, is that Binns was a player-elected member of the Leadership Council and he is not setting a good example. He also will likely be sitting with Jordan Bernstine and Jewel Hampton, who were arrested earlier this year on alcohol-related charges. While that probably won't matter much for the Eastern Illinois game, it could for Iowa State. So I'm hoping I don't have to write another one of these arrest posts for a good long time.