I was hoping my first post back from vacation would be good news about Iowa Football, but unfortunately the biggest story right now is on a couple of arrest. Shockingly, the arrests are alcohol related. Now a year after the news broke that both of these players with miss the 2009 season with injuries, it's likely that they'll miss a couple of games in 2010.

Last night (or rather, really early this morning) Jewel Hampton and Jordan Bernstine were both arrested. Both were hit with public intox and Hampton, because he's only 20, was charged with the new 21 and up law for entering bars in Iowa City. The word is that Hampton was involved in some "physical altercations" and that Bernstine was being a nuisance when the cops showed up. Coach Ferentz released the standard wait-and-see comment.
At this time I am in the process of gathering all the facts concerning the incident. Until I have all the facts, I’ll have no further comment and the incident will be handled internally.

Based on past punishments for such alcohol related incidents, I'm guessing a 2-game suspension for each., They are both veterans of the program and should know better. I wouldn't at all be surprised if it was only 1 game, though, or maybe just 1 for Bernstine and 2 for Hampton.

In terms of impact to the team, I don't think it will hurt significantly, but will certainly limit the depth for whichever games they miss. Both have a shot at starting at their respective positions and will certainly see the playing field. I've thought for a while that Wegher would start week 1 and that Hampton would eventually win the job by the Big Ten season. With a suspension, that may push back the time-line. Bernstine, I think will end up behind Hyde and Prater, though still see plenty of action.

For now though, it's wait-and-see time. Ferentz will probably announce the punishments at the Big Ten media event coming up around the corner.