I never had season tickets when I was in college. I'll admit, football wasn't my top priority as a student and I probably only went to 3 or 4 games in my few years at Iowa (I did watch the games on TV though). After college, I attended grad school at UNI, got married, and had a kid...never with season tickets. I took my wife to her first Iowa game 2 years ago against Penn State. That was the only game I made it to in 2008. Then last year my wife and I went to the Arizona game and my brother scored some alumni tickets to the homecoming game against Michigan. So I went with him. My season ticket story starts there...at the homecoming game.

Walking to Kinnick Stadium shortly before kickoff after a morning of tailgating, my brother mentioned that we should consider season tickets for 2010. It was the first time I had really thought about it. The money and time commitment always seemed to be too much. But, my kid would be a year older, I'd be making slightly more money...and I'd be lying if I didn't say the amazing schedule didn't factor in.

A few months went by and I didn't really think about getting season tickets. Then towards the beginning of March information came out from the ticket office about the deadlines and the process for ordering season tickets. Coincidentally, March is the same time my work gives out bonuses. It was perfect. My bonus would completely cover a pair of tickets. So as soon as season tickets went on sale I printed off the application, filled it out requesting 4 tickets, and sent it in the mail that day.

I assumed with the schedule and the success of the team that the season tickets would be in high demand and might even sell out, but I didn't think about too much until I heard reports that 6 game packages without Iowa State may be offered. Even then I wasn't too worried...I'd gladly take a 6 game package. Then, the bomb dropped when the ticket office released a rather equivocal statement about the plan for new season ticket applicants.


I semi-patiently waited to hear from the ticket office for a week and a half. During that time I read, mostly on message boards, reports of people getting 2 pairs of season ticket when ordering 4, so there was still hope. I also read of people getting tickets to either Ball State or Eastern Illinois and either Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State, or Ohio State. Then I read terrible news. The ticket office doesn't check if you are an alum when assigning priority points. You have to tell them you went to Iowa.

Crap again.

I wish somebody would have told me that I needed to tell the ticket office I am an alum. I guess I figured they had a way to check that (like just type my name into the computer or something). If that needed that information, then I would have thought that they would have asked for it on the application. But there was no place to put my alumni status on the application and no where (that I could find anyway) did it mention that I should write a note or call the ticket office to let them know.

After I read about the alumni status issue, I decided I had better send the ticket office a message (though I kind of knew it was already too late). So I sent a message asking 3 things of the ticket office: do you know that I am alum? what is the status of my order? can you help explain the process for determining who gets tickets? Of course, it was written up better than that. Well, I finally heard back...


Could you please provide your old addresses that we might have on file so I can verify your alumni status.

Your priority for the 2010 season is 0. Therefore, we were unable to fulfill a full season ticket request. However, were able to sell you 4 tickets to the Eastern Illinois and Wisconsin games. You will receive 3 priority points for this year’s purchase and once we can verify your alumni status you will receive those points next season.

Crappity crap.

Well, this was kind of what I expected, and the Wisconsin game is at least better than Michigan State. Though, I was really hoping for Ball State and Ohio State. The email has no mention of a refund (though I got it on Friday) or the price I will pay for the 2 game pack. It also completely ignored my request for more information on the ticket determination process (which was expected).

So I sent an email back with my previous addresses and suggested that they the new ticket application to include a section for alumni status. I never heard back from the ticket office verifying that my previous addresses enabled me to be in alumni status...so I probably need to email them back again. I don't want to go through the same mess next year.

Anyway, that's my story. In the end I'm disappointed, but happy enough with tickets to 2 games. I'll try to get some tickets to homecoming and watch the rest on TV. So, there isn't really too much to complain about and hopefully I'll get season tickets next year.

Go Hawks!