I still have not heard anything from the ticket office about the status of my order, but I have read about numerous people who have. So I'm sitting here constantly rechecking my email every few minutes. Anyway, things haven't gotten a whole lot clearer yet so I use the word "update" in the title pretty loosely. However, Hawkeye State over on BHGP is investigating (or rather, is efforting) the whole season ticket situation. So I am eagerly awaiting his post. For now, here's a summary of what I've read from around the internet.

People seem to be falling into 5 different buckets thus far:
  • Season ticket holders with a bunch of priority points (I've heard 50+) that requested a few additional tickets and got them.
  • Season ticket holders that don't have many points and did not get additional tickets.
  • New applicants that order 4 or more season tickets and were offered 2 season tickets.
  • New applicants that were offered 2 single game tickets to some combination of Easter Illinois/Ball State and Michigan State/Ohio State.
  • Applicants that haven't heard a single thing (like me).

The situation seems to be somewhat better than I originally thought and there is at least some hope that I can score 2 sets of tickets instead of the 4 that I wanted. Or, at least maybe get tickets to the Ohio State game. What still isn't clear is how the ticket office is making these decisions. It doesn't seem to be by priority points, at least not entirely. And the people getting just 2 games, the ticket office is choosing those games for them. Anyway, if you've heard anything else, the please let me know! I want to know what's going on.