Spring practice is finally here after what seemed like an eternity, which really has been less than 3 months (the summer layoff is longer). So for about 4 weeks we actually have some real news to follow and don't have to make up silly predictions about the upcoming season (guilty...). Anyway, the big news of the day will likely be Kirk Ferentz's pre-practice presser which takes place at 12:30. You can follow it live on the official site and then of course check back here later tonight for even more coverage.

I can't remember last year if the spring prospectus was released on the first day of spring practice. Can someone help me out here? I hope it does, as I am very intrigued about the first draft of the depth chart, plus I'm looking for any position changes. I realize nothing is really set in stone yet, but it's fun to talk about at least. I am particularly watching the offensive line and very curious about how that all shakes out.

Hooray for spring practice!