Over the next month or so, announcements will start coming out with the prime time schedule. The Big Ten Network and ESPN like to plan a lot of these games well in advance. Looking at the 2010 Iowa Football Schedule, we can probably assume some kickoff times as well (like those 11:00 starts against the "cupcakes"). So, before spring practice starts on Wednesday and before any kickoff times are announced, here are my predictions for the game time and TV coverage for every game this year.

Eastern Illinois | 09/04/10 | Home
Prediction: 11:00 AM, BTN
This game has regional BTN 11:00 game written all over it.

Iowa State | 09/11/10 | Home
Prediction: 11:00 AM, ESPN2
Iowa and Iowa State are both coming off bowl game victories so there should be enough interest that it at least gets picked up by ESPN2 over BTN. Still an early game though as not too many will want to watch it outside of the state of Iowa.

Arizona | 09/18/10 | Away
Prediction: 7:00 PM, FSN
In looking at some past September games that Arizona has played, they are typically played at night (I assume to avoid the heat). I'm not sure if this game will have enough draw to pull in ABC during prime time (it was a regional ABC at 2:30 last year), so I'm saying FSN.

Penn State | 09/25/10 | Home
Prediction: 7:00 PM, ABC
Homecoming in Iowa City was a night game last year (against Michigan) and with the history of this match-up the last couple of years I'm guessing it'll be the same this season for Penn State.

Ball State | 10/02/10 | Home
Prediction: 11:00 AM, BTN
See Eastern Illinois.

Michigan | 10/16/10 | Away
Prediction: 2:30 PM, ABC
Even though Michigan has been hit a rough patch as of late, this game should still have a big draw. Regional ABC makes sense to me.

Wisconsin | 10/23/10 | Home
Prediction: 7:00 PM, ABC
Assuming Wisconsin lives up to its hype (and Iowa does too...which of course they will, right?) this could be an instrumental game in deciding the conference champion. So let it be played under the lights.

Michigan State | 10/30/10 | Home
Prediction: 11:00 PM, ESPN
This game doesn't have quite the same draw as some of the others despite the fantastic finish last year. It seems ESPN worthy though.

Indiana | 11/06/10 | Away
Prediction: 11:00 PM, ESPN2
Indiana generally means 11:00 kickoffs. As long as Iowa is having a good year this game will at least be on ESPN2 instead of BTN.

Northwestern | 11/13/10 | Away
Prediction: 11:00 PM, ESPN
The revenge storyline may be there as we all know what happened against Northwestern last year, but this is still destined to be an early game.

Ohio State | 11/20/10 | Home
Prediction: 2:30 PM, ABC
There are no outdoor night games in November, so this is a 2:30 start. Hopefully all eyes will be watching again as the two play for a trip to the Rose Bowl.

Minnesota | 11/27/10 | Away
Prediction: 11:00 AM, ESPN2
This game will be the first trip to Minnesota's new TCF Banks Stadium (a.k.a. Kinnick North 2.0) for the Hawkeyes. On a weekend filled with rivalries, this game is not big enough to be later than 11:00.

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