Iowa vs. Michigan to Kickoff at 2:30

The 2010 Iowa Football Schedule is starting to come together as the second game time has been announced. The October 16th Iowa-Michigan game is set to kickoff in Ann Arbor at 2:30 and will air on ABC. The other game time that's already been announced is for Iowa's homecoming game two weeks prior against Penn State. Iowa vs. Penn State will be a night game and is set for a 7:05 kickoff on either ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2.

I predicted all the kickoff times about a month ago. Only one of my predictions is changing at this point, and that is the Wisconsin game moving to 2:30 (I had it as a night game). Most games will probably be 11:00 AM starts with the exception of the games already mentioned and against Ohio State (2:30) and Arizona (who knows...sometime really late at night probably).
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