Pick your starters: Defense

The depth chart for the open spring practice was released the other day at the Parker/O'Keefe presser, but it is clearly not what the starters will look like come September. A few weeks I posted the Pick your starters: Offense and said I'd try to do the same for the defense. Well, I actually made good on that and here is your chance to pick who you think will be the starters on defense.

Share your picks in the comments.

                        Roster - pick your starters

                        • 46
                          Christian Ballard
                        • 4
                          Jordan Bernstine
                        • 91
                          Broderick Binns
                        • 94
                          Adrian Clayborn
                        • 58
                          Lebron Daniel
                        • 93
                          Mike Daniels
                        • 57
                          Bruce Davis
                        • 30
                          Brett Greenwood
                        • 42
                          Jeremiha Hunter
                        • 18
                          Micah Hyde
                        • 48
                          Troy Johnson
                        • 95
                          Karl Klug
                        • 45
                          Tyler Nielsen
                        • 29
                          Nick Nielsen
                        • 28
                          Shaun Prater
                        • 9
                          Tyler Sash
                        • 40
                          Jack Swanson
                        • 33
                          Jeff Tarpinian
                        When you are done, get you list of defensive starters in a sharable format!
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