With the recent release of the spring Iowa Football depth chart there is at least a starting point now to make predictions for the starting lineup. Of course it is way too early to have a realistic idea of who will start at every position, but it's still fun to guess. So, I built a tool to help everyone put together their own offensive starting 11 (defense may come later). I picked 24 of the players I thought would most likely be picked (so if there is someone not there that you want let me know and I can add them) and you simply click on the names and drag-and-drop them in the appropriate spot. You can't do anything fancy like save or anything because that functionality would have taken me way too long to create. You can, though, get your starters in a sharable format by clicking the "Done" button. Then you can just copy and paste that and post it in the comments of this post, or on a message board, or in an email, etc... (Actual app is after the break.)

                        Roster - pick your starters

                        • 50
                          Drew Clark
                        • 6
                          Keenan Davis
                        • 53
                          James Ferentz
                        • 73
                          Adam Gettis
                        • 69
                          Kyle Haganman
                        • 27
                          Jewel Hampton
                        • 39
                          Brad Herman
                        • 64
                          Cody Hundertmark
                        • 15
                          Derrell Johnson-Koulianous
                        • 67
                          Josh Koeppel
                        • 47
                          Wade Leppert
                        • 76
                          Nolan MacMillan
                        • 7
                          Marvin McNutt
                        • 36
                          Brett Morse
                        • 52
                          Woody Orne
                        • 77
                          Riley Reiff
                        • 82
                          Allen Reisner
                        • 32
                          Adam Robinson
                        • 22
                          Colin Sandeman
                        • 12
                          Ricky Stanzi
                        • 16
                          James Vandenberg
                        • 63
                          Julian Vandervelde
                        • 3
                          Brandon Wegher
                        • 56
                          Markus Zusevics
                        When you are done, get you list of offensive starters in a sharable format!