Outside of the top couple of teams things were pretty shaky. I tried rewarding schools for beating BCS conference opponents, like Ohio over Penn State and Nevada over Cal. Any team that lost is out, so goodbye to Michigan for at least a couple of weeks. If they beat Notre Dame, then maybe they sneak back in. I put Virginia Tech at 25 as a holding spot, because they play Georgia Tech tonight. My ballot isn't technically due until tomorrow morning, so if VT wins, they'll probably jump up around 15, and if GT wins they will take the 25th spot. Something like that.

Update: I watched that Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech game and I think 25 is probably about right for VT, who squeaked out a win in OT. So I'm leaving my ballot as is.

Anyway, because I do have until tomorrow morning, let me know if I made egregiousness errors. My ballot's after the break.