Kirk Ferentz isn't messing around. Just days ago he suspended De'Andre Johnson indefinitely after Johnson had two run-ins with the law over the course of three days. The second offense, was mind boggling dumb; He was going 60 in a 25, in University Heights of all places, and then tried to hide from the police once spotted.

That alone probably wouldn't have resulted in a dismissal, but added to the disorderly house from last week, and Ferentz had seen enough. So today it was announced that Johnson has been dismissed from the program.

With tweets like the one from Rob Howe below, a lot of people are dismissing this dismissal, writing Johnson off as an inept back that had no chance of seeing meaningful reps this year.

But I think the loss of Johnson is more impactful. Just a few days ago he was listed as the second string running back on Iowa's depth chart. (Side note: Barkley Hill and Greg Garmon are now both on the depth chart sharing the second spot...when was the last time Ferentz put a true freshman on the pre-season depth chart? Has he ever?) Johnson was also the lead returner in rushes and rushing yards with 18 attempts for 79 yards.

I still remember Johnson's first splash on campus. During the Kids at Kinnick Day two years ago, Johnson made an impressive move to get by Adrian Clayborn and had one of the best rushes of the day. He has some a few other flashes like that in his short career and I think he had some potential to be a contributor this year.

More than anything though, is the extreme hurt it puts on Iowa in terms of depth at the fragile position. Now Iowa is looking at Damon Bullock, and a couple of true freshmen and walk-ons. Brad Rogers will likely help and there is still a chance that Iowa will land Akeel Lynch who is reportedly going to have a decision by this Sunday.

Iowa has now lost 4 running backs in the past year (Johnson, Marcus Coker, Mika'il McCall, and Jordan Canzeri, who could make it back from tearing his ACL in the spring) and I think 9 in the past 3 years (those 4 plus Adam Robinson, Brandon Wegher, Jewel Hampton, Jeff Brinson, and Josh Brown). Every time I think the bad luck at running back is over, another incident like this happens. It's just crazy.