The 2012 schedule of color coordinated home games has been revealed. I'm not sure how long this information has been out there, but the first I saw it was when Brendan Stiles tweeted it yesterday and I think it kind of got lost in all the other Iowa Media Day hoopla. So I figured it deserved its own post.

Be Bold, Wear Gold

vs. Northern Iowa
09/15/2012 -
Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA

Black & Gold Spirit Day

vs. Penn State
10/20/2012 -
Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA


vs. Purdue
11/10/2012 - TBD
Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA

See the full 2012 Iowa Football Schedule.

I question how they decide which games should be color themed. I understand doing the black and gold stripes during the only night game and against Penn State. It was absolutely fantastic the first time it was done two years ago against PSU and it far exceeded everyone's expectation. It wasn't too shabby last year against Northwestern either, so here's to another good showing by Hawkeye fans.

But the game against UNI, which no offense to them, isn't exactly the Super Bowl. I guess though, the Iowa State game already the throwback game and Minnesota is homecoming. I'm not sure why you couldn't do the gold-out in addition to one of those things... It just seems like an odd choice.

The Purdue game also doesn't feel right for the Blackout when the next home game is against Nebraska on BLACK Friday. Sure Purdue is now our B1G appointed rivals, but Black Friday...Blackout. That just makes too much sense I guess.

The "let's all wear the same color" thing seems like it is starting to get worn out and over done (especially in the NBA...), but it always looks amazing when Kinnick is dressed in solid gold, or black, or stripes. So I hope this relatively new tradition sticks around for a while and fans continue to participate. Now, about those card Iowa going to try to top that this year?