And I'm back. After a wonderful year writing on The High Porch Picnic the time has come to return home. I've been on a little bit of a hiatus the past month or so, but I'm excited to get back into things and start diving deep in to Iowa Football. So, just really quickly before I start up with football stuff...

I've already started freshening things up around here. I've change the design to be much more content-focused and really used a mobile-first mentality when putting it together. I stripped out all the superfluous stuff and just left the content I felt was important and worth reading. Does anyone really need a big logo to remind them what page they are on? Do elaborate background really add anything? How about lengthy blogrolls, slightly related photos that someone else took, an abundance of ads...?

Anyway. I've updated Iowa's 2012 schedule and roster. I still need to get to the depth chart and start digging in to recruiting. 8 commits already!

And so much has changed since I last wrote on here. New coordinators, new position coaches, a "new" offense... It should be a fun season to cover and I hope you'll reset your favorites, your RSS, your whatever you use to follow blogs and join me for the ride.