After the amazing success of the Black and Gold Spirit Game last year against Penn State, it's no surprise that the striped theme will be making a reappearance on this year's schedule. The 3 color-themed games were announced yesterday.

Here are 3 games that require specific colored clothing this year.
  • 09/17/2010 - Pitt: Be Bold, Wear Gold
  • 10/15/2010 - Northwestern: Black & Gold Spirit Game
  • 11/12/2010 - Michigan: Blackout

The same rules from last year apply for the stripes, so if you're in an even section wear gold--odd (or student section) wear black. If you need help figuring it out, here's the what to wear app I made for last year's game.

I like the choice of Northwestern for the Black & Gold. It's the only night game this year, and it should be early enough in the season so that it won't be unbearably cold to wear an appropriately colored shirt instead of a coat.