Remember all of those awesome workout videos from last summer on So does the NCAA. Those videos inadvertently violated a NCAA rule that requires summer workouts to be voluntary and therefor not taped. The not taped part is so coaches can't use the film to determine who did or did not attend the workouts.

Iowa has self-reported the violation and educated the staff responsible for posting the videos. The videos from last summer are either gone or were edited to remove any film from an actual workout. The violation is pretty minor, so as long as it doesn't happen again there shouldn't be any real NCAA repercussions. It does mean though that we won't have the same awesome videos for this summer. However, the video staff is still putting together some quality stuff.

Here's the latest video (featuring barbecue and interviews):

On Youtube the description of the video says, "Players are back on campus for voluntary summer workouts."

One of the most interesting parts of this story though, is that the "compliance staff learned about the problem after receiving an inquiry from a non-Big Ten school that Mims declined to identify." I makes you wonder which school was perusing, a site for fans and potential recruits, during the middle of last summer. Any guesses who it was? I'd say Iowa State.