The Big Ten Title Game will be in Indianapolis

The heads of the conference came to a unanimous decision on Sunday that the B1G championship will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis at least through 2015. Chicago, the other city in the running, would have been a better pick for Iowa--closer for Hawkeye fans, and more conducive to Iowa's style of play--but it's probably better for the conference to hold the event indoors to help establish large attendance and less sloppy football.

As pointed out on Eye of the Hawks, Indianapolis is "home of former Hawkeyes Dallas Clark and Pat Angerer, and the Colts have become the un-official favorite team for many Hawkeye fans that do not have any pro team that they cling to." Bob Sanders was also on the Colts until recently. I often find myself rooting for the Colts for this very reason.

Oh yeah...Pawnee, Indiana would have been a good choice too.

Shaun Prater rumored to be arrest--probably false

Planned Sick Days put on his investigative journalist hat and has a good break down of how the Prater arrested rumor got started and updates on its truthfulness. Basically a guy working at the Summit tweeted that Prater was arrested. There is really no other evidence though and Prater's name is not on the police blotter. This seems to be one of those standard off-season rumors that pop up every year.

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