Preseason magazines are out

BHGP has an extensive rundown of all the predictions from the preseason college football magazines. Iowa is predicted to finish 3rd or 4th in the Legends Division with a record around 8-4. Althon and Sporting News both predict a Gator Bowl appearance for the Hawkeyes.

One thing I noticed is that the B1G isn't predicted to have more than one team in BCS bowls this year. That would be somewhat rare for the conference that has had two teams taken 8 of the 13 years the BCS has been around. However, this year, especially with the problems at OSU, there doesn't look like there is a title contender in the conference. I also expect more parity in the conference. We could very well see a 9-3 team in the conference title game and the other team 10-2. And, with a title game, one of the best two teams in the conference will have a loss right before the BCS at-large bids are determined.

Tressel quick hits

The Big Ten Network is now BTN

This makes a lot of sense. I think I've actually typed out "Big Ten Network" only a handful on times. The re-branding to BTN is consistent with the naming convention for other networks (you never say Home Box Office or American Broadcasting Company).
BTN logo
NOTE: Links For Iowa is not actually going to be abbreviated. However, LFI reminded me of LFC, which was the killer band I was in during high school (LFC = Link's Final Conquest). Yeah.

Follow, +1, Like, Share, etc, etc, etc...

There are a couple of new buttons on the blog. Below a post there is now the Google +1 button and in the sidebar the new Twitter follow button. There are a handful of other social buttons that have been around for a while. Click away.

Non-Tressel quick hits

  • Black and Gold Box Score has a break down of tackles for loss for Iowa and the rest of the B1G. Not too surprisingly, last year Iowa performed poorly in that statistic.
  • The B1G title game is going to have a ton of TV coverage by FOX and BTN. Also, Gus Johnson is calling the game.
  • Marc Morehouse is doing a series on red-shirt freshman. The latest is on Kevonte Martin-Manley.