Question 1: Iowa received four verbal commits this week. Two of them, Drew Ott, a two star DE/TE, and Cameron Wilson, a three star WR. Both are from enemy territory (Nebraska, Ohio State). Did Iowa swoop in and make a steal or are these leftovers?

Well, neither of these guys had offers from Nebraska or OSU so I wouldn’t say they were necessarily a steal. Both of these guys might have gotten offers later from their home state schools, but Iowa was in early enough to get the commitment. I think in Ott’s case, he probably would have been offered by Nebraska if it weren’t from the Huskers incredibly small recruiting class this year. I think they only have room for 15 kids while most years it’s probably lower twenties.

Question 2: The other two recruits are Maurice Fleming, a three star WR/DB, from the Chicago area and Connor Kornbrath, a Punter from West Virginia. A Punter, really?

I’m not sure how well that bodes for our punter from down under, Jonny Mullings. But it’s probably a good thing to have a little competition at the position. Guthrie is gone after this year and having the backup quarterback as your backup punter is probably not a good thing. Still, I think this year’s class is going to be a little smaller than last so a better route might have been a walk-on.

Question 3: Do you actually buy any Preseason College Football Magazines? If so, which one(s) and why.

FFI: I never buy the magazines. I would definitely read them if I had one, but I’m kind of cheap when it comes to those things. I’ll do my own analysis or read stuff online.

Question 4: The PTL has tipped off. Do you think we, as bloggers and fans, read too much into the stats and whatnot? What can we take from the various reports and videos posted about pick-up basketball?

Some people probably do take it a little too seriously. It’s kind of like stats, times, videos, etc... from recruits. They do give us some indication about the skills of the players, but are not the end all, be all. Putting up 30 points in a PTL games doesn't mean the kid's going to be the next Michael Jordan. Just like running a supposed 4.4 40 in high school doesn't mean a whole lot more than that guy is probably pretty fast.

Question 5: Jeff Peterson has been looking at a return to Iowa for his last shot at the dance. Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, mentioned in he and Marc Morehouse’s On Iowa podcast that the offer to him was there. Does this happen? Where does he fit in for 2011-12?

I would be surprised to see this. I don’t know that I’ve ever seem someone transfer away to another D1 school only to transfer right back 2 years later. Iowa probably does have more of an upside this year than Arkansas, but still. If he does come back, he’ll probably back up Cartwright.

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