Two 11 AM games announced

Both the Nebraska game on November 25 and homecoming against Indiana on October 22 will kick off at 11:00 AM. The Nebraska game will be nationally televised on ABC. The TV for the Indiana game was not announced (though I'd bet on ESPN2 or BTN).

At 11 on ABC, the Nebraska game should be the only show in town early on Black Friday (there are 11 other games that day, but half are MAC and the others will likely be later in the day). I imagine that game will have more eyes on it than any other Iowa game this year, especially if the two teams are playing for a spot in B1G title game.

I am a little surprised that this game didn't get a 2:30 kick, but ABC already had decided to do Miami vs. BC.

A shortage of season tickets

Despite the lower expectations and a rather unexciting home schedule, the vast majority of season ticket holders (95-97%) have chosen to renew their seats. That means that there only around 2,500 open spots. Between new request from mini-pack holders (those of us who go rejected last year), season ticket holder who want additional seats, and completely new applicants, there were about 7,000 tickets requested. To determine who gets the few open spots, the priority point system will be used (supposedly...there were contrary reports last year of people with no points getting tickets, while others with points only got the mini-pack).

The good news for me is that the university is awarding anyone who took the mini-pack last year 3 points as if they actually had season tickets. Hopefully that'll be enough (combined with my alumni points) to land some tickets this year. If it's not, prepare yourself for another long ranting post about how the system is unfair.

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