Power Rankings

The pre-season power rankings are starting to pour out around the blogosphere. He's a sampling:
  • Adam Rittenberg released his post-spring rankings and Iowa comes in at #7.
  • Jon Miller has his rankings separated by the Leaders and Legends divisions. He as Iowa as #3 behind Nebraska and Michigan State in the Legends.
  • The National Football Post has Iowa at #5 in the post-spring power rankings.

Pretty much everyone caveats Iowa's low-ish ranking with "but Iowa always does better under the radar." Still, after a year of some people predicting a national championship run, 7th in the B1G doesn't sound so great. Still it's probably fair. Iowa returns the least number of starters of any B1G team, has lost 12 players to the NFL draft in the past 2 years, and was just a mediocre team last year.

Kirk Ferentz thinks everyone is tremendous

Ferentz was on 810 WHB in Kansas City on Friday talking about a few of the drafted Hawkeyes. The primary focus was on Stanzi since he was recently selected by the Chiefs. The segment was podcasted, so can listen to the entire interview.

Ferentz has a lot of nice things to say (i.e. they are tremendous) about Stanzi, Clayborn, Ballard, and current Chief Tony Moeaki. KF really like Stanzi's development over his 5 years at Iowa and predicts he will continue to develop in the pros. Ferentz also praised Stanzi for his leadership. Also on Stanzi, the radio hosts discussed getting "Made in USA" tattoos if Stanzi ever led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. Love it or leave it.

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