We had originally planned to do the roundtable every 2-to-3 weeks during the off-season. But we got a little over-zealous and kicked out another one in just a week. This week's questions are a little more focused around the conference, instead of just on Iowa. We have Ed from HawkeyeKoolaid joining us this week. And of course, Rick from PlannedSickDays and Mike from The Hawkeye State are still around.

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Question 1: Tre$$elgate. What should happen to Jim Tressel?

He should just man up and resign. The evidence keeps mounting against OSU and it doesn’t sound like that’s going to end anytime soon.

What will happen?

I do think he will ultimately resign. Sports Illustrated is supposed to be dropping a bomb next Tuesday and with everything that has already come out, that seems pretty plausible. Then in August the NCAA will be laying down the law. I think it’ll come to a point resign or be fired, and Tressell will step down.

Hypothetically, if Tressel isn’t fired, is it safe to say that he has a lifetime pass to do anything at tOSU?

I don’t think so. If he isn’t fired, then he would have to be on a very, very short leash. Every little thing would need to be monitored and any infraction should result in termination. I don't think OSU would want to further tarnish its reputation.

Question 2: There’s the usual amount of press surrounding Michigan football despite the team going 7-6 and getting embarrassed by Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl. Do you think incoming coach Brady Hoke can turn the program around or is this just another year of hype for a powerhouse that’s past its prime?

I could see a fairly significant improvement from Michigan this year. Really the team was a mediocre defense away from a 10-win season. I can’t imagine the new coaching staff being anywhere near as inept at running a defense. Greg Mattison will be better than Greg Robinson. Also, I think they’ll find a way to use Denard Robinson, even if it’s in a more traditional offense, and that the Wolverines will put points on the board.

Do you see Hoke returning Michigan to its glory days anytime soon? If so, how long will it take?

hey have the talent and have been landing big recruit after big recruit this offseason. I don’t think this is the year, but they will be competing for the B1G crown in the next 2 or 3 years.

Question 3: The primetime game against Northwestern was just announced. It’s early, but could this finally be the year that we take down those asshats?

It’s going to be tough. I think it helps that it’ll be a home (even though Iowa has lost the last 3 in Kinnick) and at night. Still, Persa... I think having Norm back will be helpful. Though Iowa gave up a bazillion yards against Missouri, Norm made adjustments and it was ultimately a defensive play that won that game. Against NW last year, without Norm the D never adjusted and allowed a late TD. I don’t see that happening this year.

Question 4: Aside from Purdue and Indiana, every team in the Big 10 has at least two football commitments. Iowa only has one. Is this is a cause for concern? What could explain the slow start in recruiting? Is Rhabdogate to blame? Dennis Dodd? Is there negative recruiting going on in the Big Ten? All of that “drug related” stuff?

t’s still pretty early, so I’m not too worried. It should start picking up here with high school over for the summer. Kids will visit campus and attend summer camps. That’s where I think Iowa does best with its recruiting efforts. You see a lot of guys commit right after a visit.

I do think Rhabdogate will have some negative impact. While we know what came of the situation and the investigation, I’m guessing most people outside of Iowa do not. They probably just heard about it from the national media, which was largely negative. I don’t think the drug related stuff will have any impact though.

Question 5: Speaking of drug related stuff, do you see DJK ending up on an NFL roster (NOT a practice squad)? Of course, that’s assuming that we even have an NFL season.

Eh, I’m not convinced he’s good enough to overcome his baggage. His numbers over his career were very good, obviously as the record-holder, but he never had a really spectacular season. For every great play he made, he had one he took off. I realize there are a lot of guys in NFL like that, so who knows.

Question 6: Ron Guenther, the Illinois athletic director and arguably Ron Zook’s greatest supporter recently announced his retirement. How long before NAME REDACTED gets canned?

He’ll probably out-survive Tressell, which nobody would have predicted a couple of months ago. I think he’s going to have a hard time with the new divisions. Illinois is probably going to finish behind OSU, PSU, and Wisconsin most years. I don’t know that being consistently 4th in the Leaders division will be enough to keep his job.