An hour later

Jim Delany wants to push kickoff times an hour back to noon and 3:30. Of course it's not really his decision to make. Sure the Big Ten Network will air games whenever the Delany wants them, but it's the ABC/ESPN deal that could get in the way. It would take an across the board shift to make it work. We can't have B1G games at noon bleeding into the first half of a 2:30 SEC game. Delany might just be powerful enough to start this movement though.

Mike Hlas asks the obvious question: which do you prefer--11 and 2:30 or 12 and 3:30? Personally I'd love a 2:30 start every week as it perfectly nests between my ideal travel/meal schedule for game days. Though, 3:30 would be just fine by me. The games would end a little bit late for my liking, but not bad. And, a 12:00 kick is preferable to an hour earlier. That would everyone some extra time in the morning to travel or tailgate. The only issue I would have with the proposed time changes is if the night games also got pushed back. After the late game in Arizona last year, I don't need any more games lasting past midnight. If I want to watch football that late at night I'll turn on a Hawaii game from the comfort of my own couch.

DJK's Road to Redemption

DJK is everywhere these days. I think the post-Michigan-game interview is probably the only chance to talk that he has ever declined. In a move to tell his story, redeem his image, stroke his own ego, and just to talk (a lot) DJK has been busy doing interviews.

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