Iowa is now accepting season ticket renewal orders for the 2011 season. If you had season tickets last year, then you have until April 29th to renew your seats. When you go to renew your tickets you'll notice that you'll be paying a little bit more this year. Iowa increased the price per ticket by $2 bringing the season total up from $360 to $374.

Here's a price per game breakdown from The Gazette:
  • Tennessee Tech - $57
  • Pittsburgh - $57
  • Louisiana-Monroe - $57
  • Northwestern - $65
  • Indiana - $65
  • Michigan - $70
  • Michigan State - $65

An increase in price isn't unexpected. There was a $3 increase per ticket between 2009 and 2010. Inflation is a factor and so are other things that have increased the Athletic Department's expenses. From a fan perspective, the price increase is kind of hard to rationalize though. This year there is a whole lot less hype entering the season than last, and the home slate is nothing compared to last year. There's not a single rival, traditional or made up (Purdue), at home this year. Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska, (and Purdue) are on the road and Wisconsin is off of Iowa's schedule.

Non-season ticket holder

Last year there were around 1300 people who applied for season tickets, were denied, and instead got a mini-season ticket package. I fall in that boat. The release is a little unclear on how the process will work for the mini-season ticket holder versus anyone else applying for the first time. However, last year when announcing that the season ticket demand exceeded that supply, the University said that the mini-season ticket holder would get credited the 3 Priority Points as if they actually bought season tickets. Also, according to Hawk Central, Gary Barta said:

The first renewal group will be full season-ticket holders and then we promised the 1,300 people who bought partials last season that they'd be the second group that would have the opportunity to purchase season tickets. After that, if there are any left, then we'd move to anybody who hadn't previously purchased season tickets.

It will be interesting to see what the demand is like this year after the disappointing season and with the less exciting schedule. I could easily see not all 59,000 season tickets renewed, which would give me a good shot to get season tickets this year. Last year was incredibly disappointing when I found out I wouldn't be getting my tickets. So I am hopeful. I think at least another mini-season pack would be an option.

You can apply for new season tickets starting April 4th.

A few more bits

  • Faculty season tickets: $304 ($2 per game increase)
  • Student season tickets: $175 ($1 per game increase)
  • Single tickets, if available (and they probably won't be), will go on sale sometime in June.
  • If you have an online account with the ticket office, go here to renew your season tickets.