Love it or leave it, Ricky Stanzi #1

At least one site thinks Ricky Stanzi is the number one quarterback in this year's NFL draft. Fantasy Football Metrics have declared Stanzi as the top QB based on their own formula. It was Stanzi's Wonderlic scored of 30 that sealed the deal. A 30 is a very solid score for a QB on the Wonderlic. FFM says that 25 is the magic number for an NFL quarterback and that each of the past 10 Super Bowl winning QBs have had a Wonderlic score of at least 25.

Stanzi joined a rather exclusive QB list that includes only 14 other QBs of all the ones we have studied (based on advanced passing metrics, strength of competition played, key physical "measureables" and NFL Combine data). These 14 College QB's were ones that had no statistical or physical "red-flag" measurements in any category of our research that we felt were key in projecting them to the NFL based on all of our data history.

Breakdown: Sash's interception against MSU

I love this kind of stuff. Former Iowa safety and writer for National Football Post Matt Bowen has an interesting piece on Tyler Sash's pick against Michigan State from an Xs and Os standpoint. Having played for Norm Parker, Bowen has great incite into the coverage Iowa is playing and the reads Sash makes to know where to be when the ball is thrown. Plus, this was like, the coolest play from last year.

Quick Hits

  • The Rhabdo 13 show up again as Iowa makes the Tournament of Bad from Chicago's 670-AM The Score. "Iowa Athletic Workouts" make it in the tournament as a 15 seed in the Terry Boers Region (bottom right).
  • Marc Morehouse is kicking out more of his "four downs with" pieces. Up now: the defensive line.
  • Kirk Ferentz did a lengthy interview with a Kansas City sports talk show. Ferentz talks candidly (or about as candidly as we get from him) about over-signing, Nebraska moving to the B1G, Stanzi, and spring ball. This is definitely worth the listen.