Iowa is gearing up to start spring practice on Wednesday. While the 3 weeks of practice is as locked down as any other Iowa Football practice, it does mean that we'll get the Spring Prospectus (hundreds of pages for your reading pleasure), a Ferentz presser, a bunch of pictures on, probably some coverage of a practice from the BTN, and of course the spring "game." It also aligns with Iowa's 2 Pro Days which are today and April 4.

Iowa Spring Game/Open Practice

When: April 16, 2011 - 12:00 pm
Where: Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA
Parking: Typically they open up the adjacent lots
Price: This event is usually free

McNutt reels in a 1-handed catch during drills in the 2010 spring open practice.

If this year is similar to previous years under Ferentz, then the spring game will be nothing more than an open practice with a situation scrimmage near the end. That means about 15 minutes of warm ups, an hour of position drills, then the rest of the time going 11-on-11 from various spots on the field. There's no score kept, no kick-offs, etc...

It's still a great event to attend. The weather is usually pretty nice, it's great to be back in Kinnick, and you do get a chance to do some early player evaluations for the upcoming year.