Wegher to transfer to Oklahoma

This is one of the more surprising stories of the day. Brandon Wegher has decided to walk on at Oklahoma. Every rumor I had ever read about Brandon Wegher pointed to him staying somewhere close to home (for various reasons). He was linked to South Dakota State, Northern Iowa, etc... Oklahoma is not close to home and is not a FCS school. That means he'll be far away from his family and will have to sit out another year leaving just 2 years of eligibility. I think he can be a good player for Bob Stoops if he gets his heart back into football. However, I would have predicted a move to a smaller school where he could be the star player and play immediately. I was wrong, though. So best luck to Brandon as a Sooner.

Robinson pleads guilty

Speaking of former Iowa running backs, Adam Robinson entered a guilty plea today for his possession of marijuana charges. His punishment is one year probation, a $315 fine, and a substance abuse evaluation.

Legends and Leaders here to stay

About a month ago Big Ten commish Jim Delany mentioned that the new division names would be reconsidered because of their widespread disapproval. He said they'd revisit the names after the beginning of the year, but I guess what he meant what after the beginning of next year. It was announced today that the names Legends and Leaders will be used for the 2011 football season.
It's fair, I suppose, that we at least give the names a chance for one year to see how it goes. I know a lot of people are just going to use "East" and "West" for the ease of it, but I'll try to use the correct names. I still don't think them though.

Kirk Ferentz in close games

The Hawkeye State had an interesting post today about Kirk Ferentz's record in close games (those decided by 7 points or less). It's a topic that's brought up a lot with Iowa as Ferentz's style lends itself to a lot of close games. Iowa is an 8-4 team every year (for the most part) but when it is winning the close games they may go 10-2 but can also go the other way and end up 6-6. It's pretty easy to see what went wrong this year. Iowa was 1-5 in close games and didn't win won until the Insight Bowl. Hopefully that will be the start of a trend. Here's a table from the post that lays out Ferentz's close game record year by year: