Kirk Ferentz has released a statement regarding the Rhabdo 13. The best news is that 5 of the 13 have or will be released from the hospital today. Hopefully we will hear similar news about the other 8 soon.

There has been so much going on with this situation...people calling for Ferentz's head, others giving Ferentz and Doyle their full support, someone likely accessing of some of the players' medical records illegally, and tons of people throwing around baseless speculation. For now I'm just going to post the Ferentz statement and come back to some of the other things when I have a little more time.

I am pleased to learn that five of the 13 members of the UI football team are being discharged from UI Hospitals and Clinics throughout this afternoon and evening. I am very happy for these student-athletes and their families, and look forward to the release of the remaining student-athletes in the days ahead. Our entire staff shares the concern expressed by University of Iowa President Sally Mason and president David Miles of the Iowa Board of Regents and the State of Iowa, for the well-being and continued recovery of every student-athlete treated at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

I have been communicating with each student-athlete and their parents, or guardians, since learning they were admitted into the hospital. Members of the football staff have also been communicating daily with this group. This communication will continue until each student-athlete is able to resume their academic and athletic commitments.

As the parent of both a current and former member of the team, the health and well-being of each student-athlete in our football program is paramount. I will work with all of the individuals and groups that contribute to the welfare of our student-athletes to understand what led to this occurrence in order to make certain it does not happen again.