DJK has drug house charges dropped

While he still has a handful of possession charges (marijuana, cocaine, and some prescriptions drugs), DJK had the charge for keeping a drug house dropped yesterday. That is good news for DJK as the drug house charge was the most serious and carried up to a 2-year prison sentence if convicted. He is scheduled to be arraigned on the other charges February 3.

DJK loves to tweet

I have been critical of DJK in the past and he's still not one of my favorite players, but I will say that I do appreciate his unwavering loyalty to the Iowa Hawkeyes. I've seen nothing but positive comments from him on Twitter and he interacts a lot with Hawkeye fans. Anyway, on to my point. A large majority of the stuff DJK says on Twitter, you'll want to ignore. However, he has recently been offering up his opinions on some players to watch in 2011. And that is at least an interesting look into how players are performing at practice--something we don't get see very often.

On James Morris:
James Morris is every coaches dream. He would gladly practice 6hrs a day if KF asked. He wants to be great but not 4 himself.but for everyone else in the program. He is the next greenway. 4year starting. God willing!

On James Vandeberg:
In10' his practices were practically flawless.startin caliber.

On Kevonte Martin-Manley:
Kevonte is the new DJK minus the delusional antics.he has my senior skills as a freshman. no bs. I know talent when I c it.

On Keenan Davis:
If Keenan Davis can convert his freakish abilities to on the field production.... He will be the best WR Iowa has ever seen. TRUST THAT!

On Brad Herman:
Herman is my standout in 2011.I watched that dude go from 0tohero in a years time. Complimented his efforts everyday in the shower#trueStory

On the defensive line:
The dl won't b our strong point next year aside from MichaelD. We lose two 1st rounds ends. That is inreplacable in a years time.

Okay, that's enough for now, though there are probably more...this guy tweet a lot. If you want to try sifting through his stream follow him @DJ_Koulianos.