Let's just keep it simple this morning. For one, my laptop is down again (I think/hope that it's just the power cord) so I am somewhat limited to what I can do on my iPod. Also, yes, I've read the rumors and yes, they are bad. But we'll have to play the wait-and-see game and wait for something more official, or ya know, a Facebook stays change.

One thing we know for sure, though, is that Brandon Wegher is transferring. He was released from his scholarship with the stipulation that he doesn't play on scholarship for another Big Ten school. Thus news isn't too surprising since Wegher left the team before the season started and everything pointed towards a departure. But we all still kind of hoped he would return considering the woes Iowa had with running back injuries this year.

The other departure at least semi-confirmed is of Jewel Hampton who posted on Facebook that he is a "former Hawkeye." There were already plenty of rumors on the message boards that were circling around Hampton's status. I'm not going to guess the circumstances of his transfer at this point. I will say though, that he's had a couple of tough years here at Iowa with two season ending injuries. If a change of scenery is what he needs, then I'm okay with that.

This has already been a crazy month, but depending on the validity of some of the rumors, this could go down as on of the craziest months in Iowa football history. If Coach Ferentz can somehow get the troops to rally to beat a good 10-2 Missouri team despite all these distractions, then I'm calling for a revote on Coach of the Year.