Call off the search party. I'm back. My computer's operability went AWOL a week ago so I didn't take it along when I spent time with family over Thanksgiving weekend. So, I was left posting from my iPod Touch. Combine that with the horrible game on Saturday, and I didn't feel the need to post much in the past week.

My laptop is now up and running again (I guess it needed a vacation too), so I'm back. It should be the usual for the time being. I have a recruit round up on its way and I'll try to get my BlogPoll ballot up (better late than never). I probably won't write much about the Minnesota game and we have like 8 months to rehash this season. So for now, hopefully the bowl game will be decent and will provide at least something to look forward to. Then we can erase this past month from memory, a la 2006-2007.