The press conference of doom turned out to be less gloomy than expected. There are no more suspension for the bowl game at this time and aren't expected to be any more (pending someone doing something stupid in the next two weeks). Jewel Hampton's transfer and Adam Robinson's suspension are in no way related to DJK's arrest. And, yes there were drug tests done recently, but it was nothing out of the ordinary and they did not involve the entire team. That's about it. The rest mostly dealt with Iowa's drug testing program, which goes above and beyond what is required. There are some flaws with the program, which they admitted to, but I thought it sounded for the most part reasonable. If you're interested in everything that was said, here is the transcript of the press conference.

I hope this puts all the rumors to rest. It was getting kind of ridiculous the last couple of days. Ferentz said media members were calling players' parents trying to get information; there were plenty of baseless rumors flying around on message boards, Twitter, and just about everywhere; even some sports radio hosts were throwing players under the bus with nothing to back it up. I think it's time to drop it. (I still may write a little more if people don't drop it, but would prefer to move on to the Insight Bowl and Missouri.)