I have been off enjoying my time away from work just relaxing on the couch mostly. The football team however, is working hard in Arizona preparing for the Insight Bowl tomorrow night. A bunch of reporters are down in AZ too working through the holidays. So anyway, here are a few stories that have come out in the past few days.

Brad Rogers out for bowl

Make that one more running back out for the bowl game... Rogers is mainly a fullback and was listed as the second stringer there, but has played enough running back in the past that it is reasonable to think that he could have backed up Coker/O'Meara in the bowl game. However, Rogers failed a cardiology test and now must sit. Hopefully it's nothing serious or career threatening. Rogers is only a red-shirt freshman and will likely be the starting fullback for the next three years if healthy.

McNutt and Sash may turn pro

Marvin McNutt and Tyler has have both submitted their names to the NFL draft advisory committee. The two plan on returning for their senior seasons but are leaving their options open. It totally makes sense for basically every junior with a shot to at least test the waters with a possible lockout or reduced rookie wages on the horizon.

McNutt would probably have the most to gain coming back next year. He should be Iowa's primary receiver with DJK gone and if the 2009 OSU game was any indication of Vandenberg and McNutt's chemistry, then they could put up some big numbers together.

Sash could also up his stock a little next year by stepping up his game to support what will be an inexperience front 7. He is going to be more important in run support next year without Clayborn, Klug, Ballard, Hunter, and Tarpinian to make plays in front of him. However, he is already more of a proven talent. He was 3rd on the team in tackles with 73 this year and has shown his knack for interceptions. I would be surprised if he has bigger numbers next year. I still hope he stays though.

Stanzi, Clayborn, and Ballard to Senior Bowl

Kirk Ferentz announced that 3 Hawkeyes have been invited to the Senior Bowl on Wednesday in Arizona. Ricky Stanzi, Adrian Clayborn, and Christian Ballard will all look to improve their NFL stock at the end of January by participating the in college senior all-star game. The game is January 29 down in Mobile, Alabama and will be televised on the NFL Network at 3:00.