Pathetic game in basically all regards. Iowa escaped here. Very, very, VERY lucky.

The redzone offense was as terrible as I have ever seen. The team looked completely lost out there once it got in scoring position. Stanzi was WAY off overthrowing deeper routes and throwing behind on shorter routes. Not matter what they called, it was just not working inside the 20.

The defense once again performed rather questionably when the game was on the line letting Indiana to go down and score in the 4th quarter to take the lead. And, nearly giving the game away at the end of the game if it were not for an Indiana drop.

The penalties were also killer; 9 penalties for 65 yards. They were in bad situations too. Back-to-back penalties in the redzone on 3rd-and-Goal. Another on the Indiana's 21 on a 2nd-and-6. Those two situations really stalled Iowa's drives and led to FGs instead of TDs.

The one bright spot was Marcus Coker who played really well in place of Adam Robinson. Coker had a great first half, going over 100 yards, but wasn't used much in the second half as Iowa was trying to get Stanzi going. Coker finished with 129 on 22 carries.

I guess the McNutt TD was another bright spot...very good and clutch play there. Stanzi actually played okay for most of the game. He finished 22/33 for 290 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. The interception was bad...I think thrown just way too high.

So yeah. Maybe a little bit overreacting so, more level-headed thoughts to come tomorrow or Monday morning. Then we will quickly move on and forget everything about this game other than the W.