Iowa Offense vs. Northwestern Defense

CategoryIowa O: StatIowa O: RankNorthwestern D: StatNorthwestern D: RankAdvantage
Rushing Yards15950141.4446-
Passing Yards250.7835247.33100+
Passing Efficiency172.873122.5347+
Total Yards409.7842388.7875
3rd Down Conversion501434.6819-
Red Zone %0.86330.8578+

Northwestern's defense is aggressive but not good. The aggressiveness lends it self to big plays for both teams. It has allowed Northwestern's linebackers to be very good against the run, but left the secondary weak and susceptible to play-action and screen passes. Iowa should be able to move the ball on the Wildcats, so the keys will be to not turn the ball over (which has been the problem the last two years) and to convert in the redzone (which was the problem last week).

Overall Advantage: Iowa (assuming Northwestern doesn't injury the star player for the third year in a row)

Iowa Defense vs. Northwestern Offense

CategoryIowa D: StatIowa D: RankNorthwestern O: StatNorthwestern O: RankAdvantage
Rushing Yards85.225150.3366+
Passing Yards209.3350259.4431-
Passing Efficiency109.6114159.9811-
Total Yards294.568409.7842
3rd Down Conversion33.6165014-
Red Zone %0.6750.7978+

Northwestern's offense is Dan Persa. He is a very efficient quarterback, completing over 70% of his passes, but nearly every throw he makes is a quick pass on a short route. When he does take deeper drops, he has been pressured and sacked a lot. This could be the game Iowa fans have been looking for from the defensive line, if Iowa can build a lead and make Persa impatient and looking to throw deep. Persa is also the team's leading rusher, those he's not a Denard Robinson type of threat. He only averages 52 yards per game and just over 3 yards per carry. If Iowa can find a way to disrupt the quick passing game, then Northwestern will have a hand time moving down the field at all.

Overall Advantage: Iowa should keep Northwestern under wraps

Iowa Special Teams vs. Northwestern Special Teams

CategoryIowa ST: StatIowa ST: RankNorthwestern ST: StatNorthwestern ST: RankAdvantage
Kick Returns23.742820.8180+
Punt Returns10.53347.2174+
Net Punting36.955337.2445-
Field Goals9/11-12/18--

Special teams has been better for Iowa, but there is still a lot of room for more improvement. Northwestern doesn't really have a big threat on kick returns, but does have a decent kicker in Stefan Demos.

Overall Advantage: Northwestern