It was very difficult week for coming up with my ballot. The most difficult part for me was ordering the top 4 in the Big Ten. Michigan beat Wisconsin who beat Iowa who absolutely demolished Michigan State. Throw Ohio State in there and it gets very messy. What complicated things further for me, is that Iowa has 2 losses to MSU's 1...however Iowa proved head-to-head that it's a better team. But MSU and Wisconsin both have 1 loss and MSU own the head-to-head. So, is Iowa's win over MSU greater than MSU's over Wisconsin? I think so. That puts MSU at the bottom of the pack. Wisconsin is at the top for beating OSU and Iowa, and OSU is ahead of Iowa for only having 1 loss. Makes perfect sense, right?

Some other changes:
  • Boise State jumps up ahead of TCU again. Both teams have a very similar strength of schedule and BSU has been slightly more impressive thus far. A win over Utah this weekend could quickly flip these two again.
  • Alabama and Nebraska both jump Wisconsin. This is partially due to the fact that I emotionally over-ranked Wisconsin for beating Iowa. Also, Nebraska's win over Missouri helped their cause.
  • LSU drops some more, because they just don't deserve a high ranking. If they beat Bama on Saturday, I'll give them the appropriate bump.
  • NC State and Baylor both enter the poll for their impressive wins of Texas and Florida State respectively.