I am starting to move teams around a little more freely. Head-to-head has moved down in importance a little bit as there is more data to look to process. Most teams have played around 10 games at this point, so it's a little easier to separate teams from one another.

At the top, the big shake up is that I dropped Oregon behind Boise State and TCU. I looked closely at the three team's respective strength of schedule and they are all about equal. So instead of giving Oregon the benefit of the doubt for playing in a BCS conference, I looked more at how impressively the teams have been playing and Boise State came out on top.

Michigan State got a big jump, mainly because I was holding them back behind Iowa and no longer needed to do so. Despite beating Wisconsin, they are at the bottom of the 3 Big Ten teams.

There's a lot of the same the whole way down the ballot. One thing I will mention though is Iowa at 18. That feels pretty high, I know. Saturday evening I felt like dropping the Hawkeyes completely from my ballot. I have them now as the top ranked 3-loss team. When I ran through my metrics that I use to help with my ballot, Iowa came out as a top 15 team. They have played like a top 10 team a large majority of the time this year...it's just that the other part of the time has been achingly bad. So, it was a tough call. If I had used just my metrics, Iowa would have been sitting at #12, which was way too high so I dropped them to 18.